Ireland Golfinh


When the heat  is unbearable why not come to Ireland to play golf? Ireland is no coincidence and called “The Green Emerald Island”. Here it never summer or winter, its always very green and the territory is all a natural fairway, there is no pollution and you breathe crisp air that regenerates.

Ireland is spoiled with gold courses, there are  on sand dunes near the Atlantic Ocean, in the parks of the most famous castles today luxurious hotels  or on the shores of the lakes. They are everywhere in the most unexpected places and silent, where the green horizon will be your border. For golf lovers we recommend the summer, from May to September and we offer a variety of programs, from DIY to all Inclusive. From a week end to a week stay.

We offer 3 programs from Northern Ireland to the peninsula of Kerry, all the best Liks and also a program with the best golfing in the surroundings of Dublin. Accommodation at the hotel and all transports with a driver and van. We offer programs at Casa Rizzini Lodge, a villa on the shores of Lake Owel, surrounded by a park of centuries-old plants. Possibility ‘golf academy.