Anatre Uruguay

Hunting in Uruguay

Hunts really at the highest level: Partridges Chica, Doves, Pigeons, Ducks and Hares. For hunting partridges Chica there are a total of 15 well-trained dogs Setters, Pointers, Espagnuel Breton, German Pointers. For great shooters the organization has an area for Doves, with high volume shooting, really above all expectations, from dawn to dusk a continuous passage of thousands of Doves, here considered harmful. You can also hunt for Duck in the rise plantations and in private ponds.  Hare will be hunted walken up in the farm planes..

Hunting School

We also organize a week of  Hunting and shooting school, accompanied by Carlo Rizzini and Alberto Rizzini two qualified professionals Hunters, who will serve as instructors for theory and practice, for the entire stay. There will be seminaries of clay pigeon shooting, not only will our Professionals follow you on the hunting ground they will suggest and show the best way to hunt, hide and position your self when hunting with a dog .. This already has been for many of our clients and exceptional experience and have made it a regular return to it every year.

Organization at the highest level, all domestic travel in comfortable jeep, accommodation in a 4 star hotel or in private castle and hunting in the private ground of the Castle Estate.