Alberto Rizzini review on Shimano Stradic FK 5000

Shimano Stradic FK 5000

At last I have had the pleasure to hold and try the new Shimano Stradic FK coresolid series. This real is a ICAST2015 new product showcase winner. The smallest model starts at 1000 and weighs 195g, ratio is 6,0:1 and holds 145 meters of 0,18mm line. The biggest model 5000 that weighs 320g, reel ratio is 6,2:1 and holds 240 meters of 0,30mm of line. I have to say that the range is complete for fresh water lovers. At first I could not make up my mind on weather I wanted to test the 4000 model or the 5000 model so I got the 2 models. I would like to say that I have tested the Stradic while Pike fishing here in Ireland in our lodge.
First of all the 5000 models has a bigger spool so with one turn of the handle it retrieves 105 cm of line instead of 99cm on the 4000 model. The handle on the 5000 model is bigger, it gives better support when fighting big specimen fish. Its possible to interchange handles between this two models. The drag starts at 3Kg. for the 1000 model and goes all the way to 11 kg for the 4000 and 5000 model. All the Stradic FK models have 6 ball bearings.
After having tested these reals for a few weeks I decided I would rather to keep the 5000 model since you can cast longer than the 4000 thanks to the bigger spool. Also for the lovers of the small handle can order a 4000 model handle and exchange it.
I managed to test then on different fish and the drag is unbelievable good. It’s just perfect, precise and sounds amazingly good. For a few days it rained all day and was very cold. Other days it was worm and windy. It worked perfect for me. Giving me a perfect feel of the line been rretrived back in the spool. Sensitivity is amazing. The strength of this reel is unbelievable. Its realy a work horse. I am a TWIN POWER lover but this reel is hard to beat.

Are you a dedicated angler. Look no forder. This is your ideal reel..

For more info on the Shimano Stradic FK 5000 click the link below:
Stradic FK 5000
Thanks to all for reading my Review. I will stay using the reel for another year and will give a report them..

Happy fishing to all..

Alberto RizziniShimano