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OFF Shot – ST-R – Ear protection

Off Shot,
What I name. Well, an ear protection company established in this year 2016. The real company behind it is CRAI a leader in Hearing aids in Europe. Now we know that this OFF Shot is not a beginner in all of this.

I have add the possibility to test the notorious OFF SHOT ST-R with:
• Automatic gunshot suppressor
• 3 amplification programs
• Touch sensor
• Exclusive ergonomic shape by CRAI design
• USB charger
• Customisable Graphics

I was used to different brands where you had to take batteries with you all the time. I would like to point out very small batteries I had to place manually in very small compartments. Moral of the story lose 10 batteries in the process and succeed with one.
When I found out that This OFF Shot charge with an USB like any mobile phone I went and got myself a pair straight away. Having used them for over 3 months now I can say that the battery hold well even if you don’t use them for a couple of week. They fit well in my ear and with the touch sensor; I can change easily between settings even when I have shooting gloves on. Just touch them and change settings. No more manual changes.
I has surprised that they had a small cable connecting them. I asked why and having used them, I understand. The cable connects the two devices so that they give you sensitivity of left and right a very important point.
Been so small and with micro technology the price is up there. We only have one hearing so for me they are a must all the way..

Thanks for having taken some time to read my review

Alberto Rizzini