Carlo Rizzini Book

Carlo Rizzini Biography

Here it is! In limited edition came out the first book on the life and activity of one of the most famous European PH, Carlo Rizzini, nicknamed the Maestro (Master) and testimonial of the caliber .410. The title of the book “Where the wind takes us” traces the now famous phrase with which Carlo Rizzini closes television broadcasts that illustrate his hunting adventures around the world.
It is not, however, a book strictly technical: of course the authors deal with guns, and the likes of techniques that made him famous Maestro worldwide and through which wrote a new chapter in modern hunting; but it is also a book of strong emotions, those that Carlo and his son Alberto tried on the skin by visiting over 40 countries in four continents. In these extraordinary scenes of Europe, Africa, Asia and America, well described in the Book also through new images, the Maestro and his Son share with readers and fans their hunting adventures and travel. Among these is naturally present Ireland, where, for over 20 years, Carlo Rizzini chose to live and work with their family. Everything is full of well-known television motto “… new hunting adventures in the world, anytime, just to make you dream! ”
The book is not in the bookstores and the cost ‘of € 45 with postage; part of the proceeds, then, will be directed by Carlo Rizzini to charity to help the poor Italians abroad.